When contacted by Sketchbook Studios and asked to shoot the advertising images for a new TV show, I couldn’t help but get excited to hear it was for Showmax’s debut original series ‘Tali’s Wedding Diary’ starring Julia Anastasopoulos (aka Suzelle DIY) and a group of other talented local actors.
With the help of the amazing team and the energy from Julia and her fellow actors, we managed to whip through the brief and wrap the day with an array of versatile images for them to use for press releases, printed banners, social media marketing content and in-show brochures.
What a pleasure working with such great local personalities and having the whole team involved shooting at my spot, Roodebloem Studios.
We setup in the Drive-in studio which comfortably hosted the cast, crew and client in the 180m2 adjustable daylight studio space and shot these characters in various combinations.
Director Ari Kruger and Julia, her cast and all the creatives involved made for a really enjoyable day in studio.
“Tali and Suzelle are very different characters,” says Julia. “Everyone loves Suzelle but audiences are going to love to hate Tali – she’s definitely a bridezilla, who’s determined to have the perfect wedding, with or without her husband-to-be.” She says while Suzelle would love Tali, Tali would find Suzelle irritating.
Tali’s Wedding Diary was inspired by Julia’s own wedding to SuzelleDIY director Ari Kruger.
“There’s so much comedic material in getting married,” explained Julia. She continued by saying: “You meet the funniest people and there’s so much stuff you can’t actually believe, but somehow we’d never seen a wedding parody in a South African context before.”
Check out the Trailer for ‘Tali’s Wedding Diary’:
For another great chuckle see Suzelle showing Tali how to make a DIY wedding cake :)
Director: Ari Kruger of Sketchbook Studios
Producer: Kam Nurock
Written by: Julia Anastasopoulos, Ari Kruger and Daniel Shea Zimbler
Cinematographer: James Adey
Editor: Richard E Starkey
Shoot Art Direction: Natalie Theron
Shoot Production: Natalia Segerman
Art department: Keren Setton
Wardrobe: Melissa Knoessen
Make-up: Monique Gazzilli
Photo assistants: Tatyana Levana and Franco Kellerman
 Starring: Julia Anastasopoulos, Anton Taylor, Glen Biderman Pam, Kate Normington, Lara Adine Lipschitz, Guy de Lancey, Caroline Rix Midgley, Lorna Maseko, Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, Push Push, Julia Johnson and Tessa Johnson, Lucienne Bestall and many more.
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