Michael Oak Big Walk 2019

Michael Oak hosted their annual Big Walk at Newlands Forest this year, and what a pleasure it was to have been a part of this fun day. Feel free to drag and drop to your home library. Please credit me with my handle @jan_verboom_photographer on Instagram

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#ThinkwaterCT Billboard Campaign

After water restrictions were implemented in 2017, the City of Cape Town's #ThinkwaterCT campaign was aimed to showcase the city's tremendous efforts in saving water and to encourage residents to continue doing so. Through the efforts of the residents of Cape Town, we became the top

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Gorgeous Me with Gina

Gina Maskell is an internationally qualified makeup artist, and both founder and creative director of bridal beauty service Gorgeous Me. She has an intricate process to her artistry. Her company prides themselves on delivering services of a premium quality and experience, and her work truly speaks

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Bazique Festival 2018

I had the pleasure of documenting the colourful and eccentric scene at the Bazique Festival in the beautiful valley of Elgin a week ago. This first time in South Africa event showed a lot of potential and we will no doubt see many more to come. Many people

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When contacted by Sketchbook Studios and asked to shoot the advertising images for a new TV show, I couldn't help but get excited to hear it was for Showmax's debut original series 'Tali's Wedding Diary' starring Julia Anastasopoulos (aka Suzelle DIY) and a group of other talented

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View the full album on the TVC ON SET page <------ Agency: 140BBDO Client: Johnson's Vita Rich Production Company: Ola Films Director: Amy Allias Locations: Johannesburg

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These images were photographed for Johnson's Vita Rich Oil in conjunction with the filming of the TV commercial which is definitely one of my favourite kind of jobs to land. I really enjoy the freedom to create images for the different marketing campaigns. I

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