Another amazing TVC shoot I did with Groundglass!
We shot Tremfya (USA) in December 2017.
Tremfya is a Pharma product combat a skin illness called Psoriasis.
Psoriasis is a common, chronic, genetic, systemic inflammatory disease that is characterised by symptoms and signs such as elevated itchy plaques of raised red skin covered with thick silvery scales.
One of my highlights was working with the very talented Danny Hiele, a Belgian Directer of Photography based in Los Angeles with an amazing portfolio.
Director: Anh Vu
Producer: Kevin Clark
DOP: Danny Hiele
Executive Producer: Janette De Villiers
Producer: Lisa Du Toit
Production Manager: Kamilla Nurock
Production Coordinator: Andile Sinqoto
1st AD: Claire Letoret
2nd AD: Grant Wright