These images were photographed for Johnson’s Vita Rich Oil in conjunction with the filming of the TV commercial which is definitely one of my favourite kind of jobs to land. I really enjoy the freedom to create images for the different marketing campaigns.
I get briefed as to what the client requires from the images and for the rest, I am left to shoot away while the film team do their thing.
I always shoot while they are filming the TVC but if  lucky, I’m given a few minutes after each scene to get the campaign shots before they break set and move to the next location.
We spent a few days in Jo’burg and in between got to explore parts of the vast city, an added bonus of heading out of CT for work.
See below two identical commercials shot at various locations around JHB, one for African countries and the other for the Middel East.
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Agency: 140BBDO
Client: Johnson’s Vita Rich
Production Company: Ola Films
Director: Amy Allias
Locations: Johannesburg