The resulting ‘True Stories’ campaign features four executions, titled ‘Salt heals all wounds’, ‘The sea teaches you to stand up for yourself’, ‘The cure for addiction is another addiction’, and ‘It took an ocean to dissolve her anger’ For more information about the Surfshack Surf

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What an absolute joy it was to photograph this magnificent gem. Blessed with stunning views and a very clever architect with a strong understanding of what the owners desired, this house against the mountain pretty much used 70% of it’s originally existing floorpan. Arnold

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On the corner of Darling and Parliament streets, Cape Town Central, 8001, City Bowl, Cape Town On the corner of Darling and Parliament streets is the Old Mutual Building (officially The Mutual Building). Old Mutual no longer work from here; they began moving as

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  Standing watch over the Binnekring was this year’s Clan – a manifestation of the theme The Trickster – a giant mechanic hare. The crew’s rationale for the piece describe it as: “A synthesis of opposites: the duality of nature/technology; light/dark; male/female; life/death. The

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