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This year’s theme, “The Gift”, underpins the sharing and neo-socialist culture. “This year’s theme asks to us to contemplate the gift. As Marx would have it, to look beyond the object to the myriad of elements that make the object happen… What is art? What is happening in the making of the gift? What is the gift? What is the gift economy? What is the work of the gift after it has left the makers hands? “When gifts circulate within a group their commerce leaves a series of interconnected relationships in its wake and a kind of decentralized cohesiveness emerges.” says Lewis Hyde. The inner gift is the object of our labour and the outer gift becomes a generator of relationships, of culture. A commerce of spirit and creativity; a connective environment.”
This year’s theme was developed by AfrikaBurn co-founder and current Creative Art portfolio lead, Monique Schiess. Last year’s theme was the playful choice “The Trickster”, while this year’s theme allows for both a deeper meaning and a playful interpretation. “The gifts in Tankwa Town are alchemical glue, multi-layered; at once moral, playful, aesthetic, mythological, whimsical”.
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