Jan Verboom Photographer Portrait
Jan is primarily a Lifestyle and TVC Stills photographer from Cape Town. Landing with his bum in the butter many years ago, he started his career off as an In-house Advertising Photographer for the Ogilvy Group winning several local and International photographic awards . 

Nowadays he loves shooting Stills alongside TVC Productions. ‘If you’re going to spend big money on a Television Commercial, why not spend a little extra and build a library of Stills Images?’ you’ll hear him say
Here are a few reasons why you should work with him on your next shoot:

1) Jan fully understands why images are such a powerful medium, there is nothing more timeless than visually strong images, you can use them, time and again.

2) Jan has a keen understanding how marketing & photography has evolved over the years. Whether you require images for a print campaign, or you’re looking to showcase a lifestyle, or you need images for a poster or a billboard, Jan quietly gets the images that you are after. A good brief does wonders, he’ll do the rest!

3) Jan loves visual poetry …..  composition is everything but so is the look and feel of the image. Jan does all his own grading and editing.  The Client will receive a library  of edited images, categorised for the various campaigns. Have a look at some of the On Set albums  and you’ll soon discover the diversity you can expect, shot all within a ’small’ time frame whilst the TVC is being shot. You will be supplied with plenty of images which you can drip feed to your various Brand campaigns.

4) “Images need to communicate”, you’ll often hear him say. This crucial observation is critical in showcasing the right images for your brand.

5) Jan is passionate about what he does, yes you will receive the expected shots, but it’s the unexpected, spontaneous surprise gems that are often the winners.
He embraces the humour and humanity that unites us all, he is a lover of life and has the ability to capture an essence which works for a Clients product, he is always looking for that  universal thread that connects us all as humans without being cheesy or cliched. 

6) Jan works with a fabulous support team ready to deliver, only the very best.

7) One of the biggest challenges on a TVC is time management, how do you do get maximum results in the shortest time possible, Jan works like a sleuth, quietly gathering the images your Campaign requires, well versed and having worked on many a Film Shoot, most of the crew know his way of not getting in their way.

We look forward to working with you, let us create content that you can use for many years to come.


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