Jan Verboom Photographer Portrait
Initially earning my stripes as an in-house photographer for Ogilvy Cape Town 25 years ago, I still find myself very much part of the Advertising world albeit a very different one.
I primarily specialise in TVC stills, a relatively new niche area of commercial photography.
For most the concept of TVC photography is an unfamiliar one – it’s not behind-the-scenes photography nor is it conventional, editorial-style photography.
I shoot unobtrusively and efficiently in parallel to a TVC shoot, making use of the process to capture significant moments that communicate the company’s desired commercial and creative messaging.
The result is a collection of marketing images, effectively capturing a feeling, a tone or an idea which when accompanied by appropriate copy can be a most effective way to market a Clients’ products.
My Advertising & TVC Stills gallery is the culmination of my best work and I take particular pride in these images. They represent many years of experience within the advertising and marketing industry. Several of the layouts have been mocked up to illustrate the possibilities. 
Images have been graded to suit the Clients specifications, ready to be selected for billboards, posters, magazines, cinemagraphs, social media content or below the line advertising.
My TVC On Set gallery is a larger body of images from each TVC shoot; for other commercial work visit my Lifestlye, Auto, and Still Life galleries as well as my Blog page. 
If you have any particular questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch –  I certainly look forward to working with you in creating something special.